We're Glad You're Here

We're Glad You're Here

It’s been a while. You might not remember now, but you’ve been Here before, too many times to count. It’s good to see you again. Some of us are exactly where you left us. Like Ferris Lever. (Never change, Ferris.)

Others have definitely changed since you last knew them, so much that you probably wouldn’t recognize them these days. Like Byron and Selby, who’ve recently become professional tourists.

Being Here can be a bit of spell, we know. Like sitting inside a tiny room that’s wedged in-between two bigger rooms. Like trying to remember that very important thing and having it be just on the edge of your tongue. We’ve been there ourselves, we get it. We understand.

You might be wondering things like “where is Here?” and “why is Here?” and “how the hell do I get out of Here?’ and don’t worry, that’s all perfectly normal. It’ll pass. What we can tell you is that, for as long as you’re Here, anything can happen.

Really, anything.

Just sit on that information, you’ll need it later.

It may take a while to get used to being Here again, but that’s why we have a linear understanding of time. You’ll be able to track your progress. Until then, stay a while, find a spot where you’re comfortable. We hear good things about Gumly’s Stump.

For the most current happenings, become a friend on Instagram, or better yet, go talk to the Most Grand Turtle Shell, Duncan, who can be found hunting for furniture inside the Century Park dumpsters.

And if you have a question about Here that’s just begging to be answered, just will not leave you alone, send a note to our Landlord Destiny A. Davison at hello@destinydavison.com, who’s still learning the ropes around Here but is trying her best and we appreciate it. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?

Thanks for being Here.

~ Parker Blacksmith, who is Here by accident but is learning to live with it.